Weatherflow to Ecotect Conversion

A colleague of mine was using Ecotect to do wind study analysis of a master planing project for Treasure Island. However, the only historical wind data available for Ecotect was from a weather station at San Franciso International Airport, which is completely on the other side of the bay from Treasure Island. San Francisco is notorious for having very diverse micro-climates so this data was not of much use.

Another historical weather data collection site,, did have climate data avaible from a station that was located on treasure island. Yet the data from was not in a standard format that could be loaded into Ecotect.  I was able to use a series of queries in an MS Access database to sort and translate the data from into an Ecotect compatible format.

I also used this tool to translate the weatherflow data from all the weather stations located around the bay area for use by potential future projects in my office. The map below shows the locations of these stations.