• Ten years experience applying BIM in both construction and design across  a wide variety of project types.
  • Eight years experience using, supporting, and developing workflows for Autodesk Revit.
  • Highly proficient at creating computational design models using Rhino Grasshopper or Revit adaptive components.
  • Six years experience developing C#.Net software and add-ins for Revit, Rhino, and other AEC software.
  • Motivated to work and learn independently. Nearly all software development skill have been self taught.
  • Have developed, maintained, and troubleshooted an array of production applications using an agile methodology.
  • Adept at following established software development principles such as test driven development, domain driven design, and other object oriented design patterns.
  • Experienced using both Subversion and Git source control systems.


Visual Studio
3d Coordination
4d Simulation
Digital Collaboration
Revit Server
Revit API
Navisworks API
Grasshopper API
Rhino API
Rhino Script
Win Forms
MS Access
Amazon Web Services


Feb 2008 – Present

  • Currently working as part of the Digital Design Group  promoting the use of technology across SOM.
  • Assists designers in early concept design by creating grasshopper definitions to generate geometry and other scripts and tools to perform analysis of the designs.
  • Oversaw the adoption of Revit in the firm over the past 7 years. Provided the primary support for over 10 Revit projects including residential, office, and lab buildings. This involved training the teams, maintaining the models, and developing the more complex Revit content.
  • Participates regularly in a number of firm-wide groups including the BIM Standards Committee. Serves as the chair of the BIM Coordination Committee and Revit API Task Force.
  • A major contributor to the SOM BIM Wiki,  an internal website which documents the standards and best practices for implementing BIM at SOM.
  • Currently working directly with the senior designers in the office to develop and document standard templates, content, and associated workflows for the office.
  • Spearheaded the use of asana.com, a collaborative task management tool, as a means to organize and  prioritize all the various initiatives of the Digital Design Group.
  • Designed and developed a variety of custom tools using the APIs of Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, and Navisworks. This includes tools for generating geometry, automating repetitive tasks, validating models, and performing analysis of designs.
  • Maintained, troubleshooted, and updated these applications based on feedback from users using the tools on active projects.
  • Engineered and implemented a Revit Add-In Library application for packaging, versioning, distributing, and updating Revit add-ins. Users across the firm are able to easily install  both internally developed and 3rd party add-ins from this library.
  • Used Subversion and later Git source control systems to track and version all software development projects.
  • Mentored colleagues with no prior .NET development experience in creating their own Revit add-ins and using version control.

Jul 2005 – Jan 2008

  • Worked as part of the Integrated Delivery Advancement Team (IDAT), whose purpose is to advance the use of technology and building information models throughout Mortenson.
  • Acted as a lead technical resource for the group, and played a crucial role in six out of nine IDAT R&D committees including serving as the chair of the company’s standards committee.
  • Worked on a variety of projects including hospitals, lab buildings, and college campuses.
  • Created 3D structural and architectural Revit models from 2D design documents.
  • Worked with the design teams to resolve issues found in the design as the models were created.
  • Leveraged the models on site for planning and managing site logistics.
  • Led weekly 3D building system coordination meetings using Navisworks Clash Detective.
  • Generated drawings directly from the coordinated models to be used by field staff for construction.

Adjunct Professor

Fall 2009

  • Taught an introduction to Autodesk Revit class to a mix of undergraduate and graduate students who used Revit to model a precedent project of their choice.
  • The class covered the technical aspects of using Revit as well as broader topics such as general graphics standards and documentation best practices.

Club Element

Master Draftsman / Lead Electrician

Feb 2004 – Sep 2004

  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the architectural drawings of their remodel project.
  • Created as-built drawings by directly measuring the existing building, as no previous plans were available.
  • Worked with the designer and contractor to create new drawings that reflected the changes of the remodel.
  • Delivered the final drawings to the department of planning for permitting purposes. The drawings were also used as backgrounds by the project’s structural engineer.
  • Later, managed and performed the electrical work required by the remodel. This  involved removing all existing conduit and fixtures, and rewiring the entire 13,000 sf building.
  • Self-instructed the skills and city codes applicable to the project.
  • Created and updated electrical schematics as work progressed.


Received June 2005

Relevant Coursework: Construction Materials, Surveying, AutoCAD, Transportation, Soil Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineering, Elementary Structures I & II, Advanced Structures I&II, Reinforced Concrete, Timber, Foundations, Prestressed Concrete, Capstone Structural Design Project


Revit 2013 Certified Specialist

Received December 2012

AIA TAP 2007 BIM Awards

Design/Delivery Process Innovation Using BIM
UW Benjamin D. Hall
Lead Design Coordinator
July 2005 – November 2005