Distribute Land Use

I created this Rhino add-in for the SOM Planning department as a way to quickly generate diagrams of different distributions of land use. The tool randomly distributes blocks into specific land use types, based on a desired ratio of land uses per each zone of a project. First a site plan is created with all the blocks assigned to zone layers.

dist land use 1

Site drawing

Next an excel file is create which defines the desired distribution of land use types per each zone.

dist land use types

Desired Land Use Distribution

The tool then creates child layers in the Rhino model for each land use type, and randomly distributes the blocks into these layers based on the desired ratios.

dist land use 2

Distributed Land Use

The actual distribution of land use can then be exported to an Excel file which can then be compared to the original desired values.

dist land use report

Actual Land Use Distribution