NavisWorks Clash Report Template

There are a number of issues with the clash reports generated by NavisWorks out of the box. Yet what most people do not realize is that the content and formatting of these reports can be customized with an XLS template file. By creating such a template file I was able to dramatically improve the quality and usefulness of the clash reports generated by NavisWorks.

One of the most frustrating problems with NavisWorks clash reports is that the reports contain the details of every individual clash in the model. Rarely do people want to see all this information, as typicaly there many clashes that are all related to a single design issue. Also the HTML files that are generated by NavisWorks use absolute paths to the images files. So if a clash report is moved to another location the images will no longer show up.

To create reports NavisWorks first exports all the clash information to an XML data file, which is then translated into a report through a XSL transformation file.  It is this XSL file which defines the style, formatting, and content of the final clash report.

The reports generated with my custom template begin with an overall summary table which shows the number and status of clashes in each clash test.

A summary table is also generated for each individual clash test which show quantities of the clashes and clash groups in the test.

Rather then exporting the details of every individual clash, with my custom template only clash groups are reported. The image below shows an example of a report for a single clash group, which includes a larger preview image then the standard reports as well as the user comments.

A full sample report created using my custom template can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.